Our philosophy  


PREPAIR is a Danish express fashion brand founded, in 2013, by Lotte Moslund.
Lotte Moslund has many years of experience in the fashion industry and uses these skills to successfully lead PREPAIR.
To be an express fashion brand means, that because we design our collections close to the season, we are always on point with the newest trends, and we can accommodate the current demands and whishes from the customers.





At PREPAIR we strive to create feminine clothes, that we love to wear, with the latest fashion trends and details. Our clothes are for women who dares to be innovative and different and who is “PREPAIRED” to wear contemporary clothes with edgy details.


High quality is significant at PREPAIR and we won’t compromise with our clothes, therefore we work with the best possible materials, and make sure our suppliers meet our high demands.


An important strength at PREPAIR is our close cooperation with both our customers, sales associates and suppliers. With express deliveries and 6 collections a year, we can meet the strong demands from the retail industry, and we pride ourselves in selectively picking out just the right designs, colors, prints and fits for each collection.



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